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Where Horse and Rider become a Team

Call or text us at: (561) 352-3301

Free Spirit Riding teaches riding with an emphasis on the understanding of communication between horse and their rider. We encourage horsemanship at all skill levels, whether riding for recreation or looking to compete on the competitive circuit.

Lessons are structured in a goal-oriented format, using the fundamentals of horseback riding along with the safety and well-being of horse and rider prioritized. One of our core values is understanding how your horse interprets your aids/cues and how you perceive theirs. With this clarity, both horse and rider develope confidence, resulting in more success no matter what your ambitions are.

With this strong foundation, Free Spirit offers education, opportunities, and experiences for riders in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our lesson horses have all retired, so you must have or lease a horse of your own
Free Spirit Riding Academy
Free Spirit Riding Academy
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