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Where Horse and Rider become a Team

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Free Spirit Riding is a riding academy and network of show stables where equestrian sports are utilized to promote understanding, control, confidence, and teamwork ... whether the student is interested in riding for recreation or looking to enter the fast paced world of competition.

We offer riding lessons for every skill level ... whether you are a novice with the ambition to learn more about horseback riding, riding for fun, or looking to improve your equitation skills at a more serious level of competition.

Free Spirit operates from a network of stables that places riders in the riding environment that best fits their needs.

Riding for Fun & Pleasure

Free Spirit Riding Academy

The Riding School is open to riders of all ages and levels of experience. Our goal is to develop well rounded and well educated equestrians who have the skills not only to ride well, but also to be knowledgeable and capable of caring for horses.

The riders learn how to groom effectively and how to properly handle and tack up their horse in a safe manner from the very first lesson.  School horses are available.

Show Stable & Competition

Free Spirit Riding Academy

The Show Stable program is designed for competition-oriented riders who are seeking improvement in their show and horsemanship skills through an avenue of horse showing at rated and non-rated local competitions.

Competition creates new goals and tests the connection between horse and rider. We can bring you from the basics to the show ring, and make getting there a lot of fun.